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Stay believable and let the characters speak. A tip that may seem obvious, but sometimes you lose a little perspective. For the story to be credible, the dialogues must be credible. This is possible when the characters are worked, deepened upstream. A gangster is not going to express himself politely, a child will say simple words and make shorter sentences ... It is also possible that these characters evolve, and therefore their way of speaking too. Thus, the gangster can soften for love, and the child who becomes a teenager will use more complex words and make my assignment. But how to let the characters speak? If you have taken the time to work on your characters, you should have a pretty clear idea of ​​how they think, behave ... and the dialogue will be written naturally. Avoid philosophical considerations and beautiful letters (unless your characters are high birth, live in another era ...). A scenario dialogue is made to be spoken and heard, not read. We must also take into consideration the state in which the character is (calm or restless, sad or happy ...) to write a replica that will seem natural. For example, a teenager caught in anger will never say, "You exasperate me! "

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We have different services:



*From 45 USD: Hiace



*From 60 USD: Suburban 2012 & 2013



*From 80 USD: Suburban 2015



*From 95 USD: Escalade


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